Living in Jakarta

This is the second time, I have been come to Jakarta for a few months. I came to Jakarta in 2006. The first day I arrived in Jakarta. I had some experience that surprised me about this city. First, I felt so amazed at this city because I could see many tall buildings and wide roads. On the other hand, I also saw something that made me sad. You also could find a small house, poor people near or between those tall building. Therefore, I had an opinion about a far gap between the rich people and the poor people.

Second, I felt very surprised when I saw one of the rivers in north Jakarta, which has black color water with a bad smell. I was thinking, whether there is live under that water or not. What have people do, that makes this river like this?. How much environmental damage happens in this city?.

Last, I felt so scary about the weather.  When I arrived in the afternoon in my boarding school in Cikini Hospital, the weather was very bad. The sky became into dark, flashes of lighting  and land thunder sound (shouted loudly). Suddenly, the rain fell so heavely accompanied by a strong wind. I have never seen this condition. I think, this is the impact of the high rate of pollution in this city. High air pollution causes the nitrogen ion being to accumulate in the sky. It produces a lot of electric cloud that produces rain accompanied by a scarring thunder.


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